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Carolyn Cavecche

Carolyn Cavecche’s path to becoming a local cut flower grower was not a straight line. She started her career in a laboratory before transitioning into a stay-at-home mother, becoming Mayor of her hometown of Orange and now President & CEO of a non-profit.

For flower lovers

The Perfect Choice

Whether its weeding, yanking out old flowers, or chasing the mastiffs out of the flower beds, Carolyn and her husband Rick, do whatever it takes to keep the Thicket operating. And the view from the Thicket is pretty remarkable.

Flowers from the Thicket

Labor of Love

While she’s always been drawn to gardens, Flowers from the Thicket is a complete labor of love. Farming, even a small acreage, is a lot of work. But her commitment to growing beautiful, fresh and local flowers from her home is a passion worth every long day tending to the garden. Carolyn also enjoys donating home-grown arrangements to her local community as way to not only serve her neighbors, but also encourage the purchase of locally, grown flowers.