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Data Center Reseller Agreement

I haven`t come across cases, but there may be a risk. With regard to sales under English law, you can analyze the seller`s legal obligations as follows: If there was no due diligence or if it was insufficient, there are probably potential liabilities for the dealer. There are three main approaches in supplier-reseller agreements on issues related to the reseller-customer relationship: This model is similar to that used in conventional software resale contracts. Here, the dealer buys quantities of contracts from the seller and sells these contracts to his customers. Legally, the reseller cedes its contract rights and obligations to customers – hence the “assignment model.” With respect to reseller agreements, such as an agency or a referral model, can the agreement protect the supplier from a 401K advice request from fair liability? Can the client be held liable (in relation to the customer) if the software imposes the burden of certain plan documents, but the client does not comply? In the event of non-compliance with the GVCs in the calculation centre, technological measures may work better than legal measures, although this depends on the nature of the infringement. They could put in place a sanctions regime for breaches of the general conditions of the calculation centre, although there are systemic problems. … I checked the point (which would have been a year or two ago) English law did not explicitly require a service provider to store the user`s encryption key, although there may be an obligation to deliver it to the appropriate authorities if you have it. A reseller is in a position similar to that of a service provider. Software providers have long relyed on resellers to market and sell traditional software licenses.

Of course, the reseller model is extended to cloud services. But legal issues – and contract models – can be very different. From your (reseller) perspective, I think the best options are: in an agreement I recently discussed, the supplier`s partner organizations could freely choose to resell the lender`s services under the subcontracting model or simply refer customers to the lender for commission payments. Added to this is the added complexity that the cloud provider will use our data center to house its devices and maintain connectivity to provide us with cloud service. Our DC hosting and connectivity are provided separately for our co-location computation center conditions. (However, these have additional clauses that limit the provider to the use of DC services for the Cloud project and ii. Delivery of our DC services ends immediately with the termination of the main cloud delivery contract.) This model does not match most cloud services. The assignment of rights and bonds is a one-time transaction, whereas cloud services operate and generally have current payment obligations. If the dealer withdraws from the image after the contract is awarded, it does not matter; As a general rule, however, there are current rights and obligations for clients. Contractual agreements may be reached to address specific issues raised by this distinction.