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Forex Trader Agreement

If the trading account is managed by more than one person, all associated holders are jointly liable to AssetsFx for all obligations arising from Forex transactions in the account and each undertakes to be bound by all the terms of the agreements between AssetsFx and the client (s). 3.5. In the trading of OTC FOREX/METALS/CFDs with the company, FXCL Markets Ltd. acts as a broker under a private contract with the client. The company can in turn enter into back-to-back transactions with other merchants, traders, etc. including its related companies. Prices that the company notes to the customer include a price range. The entity does not conduct OTC FOREX/METALS/CFD transactions on a stock market and transactions are not authorized by a central clearing organization. Therefore, any transaction with the company is exclusively a private obligation of the company and not an obligation of a clearing house. Information provided by AssetsFx via the Metatrader 4 platform and/or the AssetsFx website may be based on information provided by third parties and may be incorrect, unverified or unverifiable. This information is provided exclusively for informational purposes and is not subject to the liability of AssetsFx, either for the provision of this information or for any result of its use.

2.1 You must submit a completed application form and confirm that you have read and understood this trade agreement. Once we have been able to verify your identity and convince us that you have a commercial purpose to request a transaction, we will notify you if we accept you (at our full discretion) as a customer. 2.2 We buy and sell money for commercial purposes. This means that we will not negotiate with you if you are trying to sell a foreign exchange transaction as an investment or take advantage of speculation about currency movements without having a real commercial reason to enter into a foreign exchange transaction, such as (but not only) buying a foreign property or transferring funds during the abroad activity. 2.3 While we may provide you with information on foreign exchange markets and related issues, we do not provide advice. Any decision you make to make a transaction will be made only after your judgment. It is your responsibility to get all the necessary advice and to familiarize yourself with the foreign exchange products or services you buy, and we assume you have done so. 2.4 Unless we have expressly agreed to do otherwise in writing, nothing in this contract results in trustees, trustees, agencies, joint ventures or partnership relationships between Currency UK Limited on the one hand and you. 2.5 We may conduct transactions with you by telephone, electronic or both, as we can accept them from time to time. 2.6 All transactions we enter into with or for you will be based on the terms and conditions of this commercial agreement and other related agreements or additions that we may enter into with you or change from time to time.