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Our Story

Fresh Cut Flowers

A perfect spot

For years, our family has called our property “The Thicket”. A Thicket is a group of trees and plants growing close together that shelter and protect anything that lives there. While I’ve always been my happiest planting and digging in the dirt, my journey to flowers didn’t start in a garden, but at a table. One Sunday at church, my Pastor challenged the congregation to discover a blessing we could use to best serve God and his people. As I came home that day, my husband and I decided to build a large table where friends, neighbors, and family could gather around for food and fellowship.

Our Journey

to a flower farm

The memories shared around that table filled our hearts and satisfied our souls. But as I stood in the corner of my property, I heard God whisper, “Now you need to plant flowers.” My husband and I started on a journey of clearing weeds, testing soil, and building the infrastructure necessary to support a small cut flower farm. From the first pop of Sweet Pea seedlings to creating my very own home-grown arrangement, the path to becoming a cut grower has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life.

From the beginning, this journey has been a labor of love and I am honored to give the joy of my heart to others. I hope you enjoy our flowers from the thicket. -Carolyn

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