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Fresh Flowers

Grown Locally

Flowers from the Thicket is focused on growing fresh, local flowers without the rigors and damage that can come from shipping. We specialize in flowers that can’t be found at your nearby grocery or convenience store. Our selection of seasonal flowers depends entirely on the time of year, weather, and what is currently being grown in the garden. As cut flower growers, we put a lot of thought into the variety of flowers at the Thicket and what you will love to have in your home. The Field to Vase movement is growing fast. Although the State of California is still the top cut flower producer in America, 80% - 90% of the flowers sold in the United States are imported, mostly from South America. In 1991 in an effort to encourage South American Farmers to grow flowers instead of coca, which ends up as cocaine, the United States entered into the Andean Trade Preference Agreement, which did away with tariffs on cut flowers shipped form Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

Flowers from


This agreement devastated the U.S. Cut Flower industry. Flower farms in South America are not regulated for labor practices or use of fungicides and pesticides. If you are not able to get your flowers from our farm, please make sure to purchase cut flowers grown in California.

Grown Clean

Direct from the Field

We are committed to local flower farming and strive to grow using sustainable methods. Buying local means your flowers have not been dipped in pesticide, packed in a box, and shipped across the world. Our flowers come to you direct from the field.

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